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‘Warp-Speed’ UFO ‘150 Times Faster Than Man-Made Aircraft’ Captured On Flight Tracker — Irrefutable Proof Of ET Visitation, Alien Hunters Claim [Video]

Irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth in advanced warp-speed UFO spacecraft has emerged, according to UFO hunters. Recently, a flight tracker app in New Zealand reportedly captured a mysterious UFO flying over the ocean toward Canberra and the New South Wales area of Australia at more than 150 times the speed of a man-made... Read more » ‘Warp-Speed’ UFO ‘150 T
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A UFO hunter claims to have spotted a UFO on a remote central Pacific Island. According to the YouTube UFO hunter, Google Earth images reveal a mysterious Star Wars “Millennium Falcon-type” alien spacecraft that apparently crashed o...

Mysterious Alien UFO Spacecraft Spotted Near Empire State Building May Have Been Visiting Earth For Tourism: UFO Researchers [Photo]

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A tourist has reportedly photographed a mysterious and weird-looking UFO flying close to the iconic Empire State Building in New York. According to the witness, in a report filed as Case 75586 in the MUFON archives, he was visiting ...

Flying Saucer UFO Launches To Space: Alien Spacecraft Fire Thrusters, Exits Earth’s Atmosphere Over Auckland, New Zealand, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

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A UFO hunter reports that while filming the sunset over Manurewa — a suburb of south Auckland in New Zealand — on August 2, 2016, he noticed a black UFO flying above the clouds. The UFO appeared as a black dot from a distance, but d...

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UFO hunters have declared that footage apparently showing a fleet of glowing orb UFOs over the city of Minsk in Belarus is proof of alien UFO and ET visitation to Earth. But skeptics have suggested that the footage likely shows Chin...

Alien UFO Breaks World Airspeed Record? Mysterious Craft Spotted Speeding Over Australia ‘100 Times Faster Than Normal Aircraft,’ According to Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

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Going by the claims of UFO hunters, a mysterious UFO may have broken the world record for airspeed attained by any class of aircraft flying within the Earth’s atmosphere. UFO hunters claim that a mysterious craft — presumed to be an...


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