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Paul Ryan, International Man of Integritude, Bravely Announces Possibility of Being Principled At A Future Date

As we observed yesterday, Paul Ryan has been able to retain the reputation as a Man of Great Principle and Seriousity based around “wonky” policy proposals that are absolutely bog-standard Republican “massive upper-class tax cuts and defense spending increases funded through slashing programs for the poor and asterisks” cons. For this reason, he has somehow […]
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Patrick Ruffini thinks that Republicans "have been seriously outgunned" on health care policy: On economics, you always know what the conservative answer is: tax cuts and generally hands-off regulatory policies to spur economic grow...

Paul Ryan: Principled Conservative

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Paul Ryan’s unwillingness to accept money from the government he routinely attacks shows just what a principled leader he truly is: Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan is barnstorming the country, promising to repeal ev...

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The very, very, very Serious Paul Ryan is still going on about the deficit. He’s also proposing massive upper-class tax cuts, and arguing that his budget will somehow the avoid savage cuts to programs to the poor the two policies wo...

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It used to be that Barack Obama had kind things to say about Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and his budget. He often called it a "serious proposal" even though he didn't agree with it. Not anymore. Ryan has updated the budget, and...


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