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Ricardian Equivalence, Benchmark Models, and Academics Response to the Financial Crisis

Simon Wren-Lewis: Ricardian Equivalence, benchmark models, and academics response to the financial crisis: In his further thoughts on DSGE models (or perhaps his response to those who took up his first thoughts), Olivier Blanchard says the following: “For conditional forecasting,...
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An academic problem?

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Some mainstream economists have recently attacked DSGE models. Olivier Blanchard says (pdf) there are “many reasons to dislike” them. And Paul Romer says (pdf) they’ve caused “intellectual regress” into a “post real” doctrine which ...

Simon Wren Lewis on Bad Economics

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Simon Wren Lewis: >mainly macro: Crisis, what crisis? Arrogance and self-satisfaction among macroeconomists: Let me be absolutely clear that I am not saying that macroeconomics has nothing to learn from the financial crisis. What I ...

"Ricardian Equivalence" Is a Claim That Tax Cuts Are Ineffective Stimulus, Not That Spending Increases Are

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I learned this from Andy Abel and Olivier Blanchard before my eyes first opened: increases in government purchases are ineffective only if (a) "Ricardian Equivalence" holds and (b) what the government buys (and distributes to househ...

Do DSGE Models Have a Future?

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Olivier Blanchard: Do DSGE Models Have a Future?: DSGE models have come to play a dominant role in macroeconomic research. Some see them as the sign that macroeconomics has become a mature science, organized around a microfounded co...

Olivier Blanchard’s Five Lessons for Economists From the Financial Crisis

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What did the worst financial crisis and deepest recession in 75 years teach academic economists and policymakers on whose watch it happened? IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard offered some his answers.


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