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Tuesday assorted links

1. Luigi Zingales on the Laureates.  And the full 49-page report on the Laureates, from Sweden.  And David Warsh on Holmström on debt and banking.  Cardiff Garcia on Bengt on money.  Kling on the prize.  Boettke on the prize.  A Fine Theorem on Oliver Hart, and how he changed his mind, recommended.  And where Nobel […] The post Tuesday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.
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Assorted links

Academics / Political Science : Marginal Revolution

1. Conversation with Raghu Rajan. 2. Philip Glass and Beck. 3. Filipino prisoner mass dance video to South Korean Gangnam song. 4. Video demo of a 3-D printer. 5. How good is the new Chinese aircraft carrier? 6. First Luigi Zingales...

Assorted links

Academics / Political Science : Marginal Revolution

1. Luigi Zingales on the decline of meritocracy. 2. Blog on cocktail party economics. 3. Merkel calls for a minimum wage, and how the German post office is restructuring, and Italy is not multiple equilibria. 4. How the really despe...

The EconLog team winning strategy

Academics / Political Science : Marginal Revolution

Pretend Arnold Kling has departed, get under the salary cap, take on Garett Jones and Luigi Zingales (sixth man), keep Bryan and David in the starting line-up, and then get Arnold back again.  Here is Arnold’s very important post on...

Bengt Holmstrom, Nobel Laureate

Academics / Political Science : Marginal Revolution

Again, I’ll be refreshing this post throughout the morning, keep on hitting refresh.  Here is Bengt Holmstrom’s home page, which includes a CV, short biography, and links to research papers.  He has taught for a long time at MIT, wa...

Zingales on Keynesianism

Academics / Political Science : Pileus

Ran across this witty quotation below while reading a chapter in Peter Boettke’s Living Economics.  Here is a link for the original source of the quotation, a debate in the Economist between Luigi Zingles and Brad DeLong.  Zingales:...


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