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No beauty, no pain: How naked mole rats handle the heat

Just a tiny evolutionary change gave these ugly rodents an insensitivity to pain.
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Genome Of Naked Mole Rat Could Unlock Secrets Of Aging And Cancer

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Scientists have sequenced the genome of the naked mole rat, a highly social underground rodent of extraordinary longevity that retains youthful biology, good health and fertility well into its final years. The naked mole rat lives t...

Naked Mole Rats Have Unusual and Efficient Ribosomes

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Naked mole rats live as much as nine times longer than the members of other similarly-sized rodent species and are essentially immune to cancer, traits that may be side-effects of evolutionary adaptation to life in oxygen-poor under...

The Secret To Longevity? High Levels Of Brain-Protecting Protein Are Unique In The Naked Mole Rat

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Compared to the average three year life span of a common rat, the 10 to 30 year life of the naked mole rat, a subterranean rodent native to East Africa, is impressive. And compared to the human body, the body of this rodent shows li...

Naked mole rats feel no pain due to acid

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African naked mole rats never cease to amaze. Not only are they exceedingly ugly, but they are the longest living rodents. Moreover, none have ever been observed to get cancer. And they are the only known vertebrates that are not bo...

The naked mole rat is the only vertebrate that's insensitive to the pain of acid. Now we know why. [Neuroscience]

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The naked mole rat is quickly becoming one of my favorite mammals ever. The glabrous little buggers live decades longer than most other rodents, never develop cancer, and have mastered the enviable skill of being able to run backwar...


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