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UFO With Pulsating Navigation Light Spotted Landing At Alien Runway Near Moon Crater In Old NASA Apollo 10 Footage [Video]

Old NASA footage from the Apollo 10 mission appears to show alien UFOs approaching and landing at a runway on the lunar surface, according to alien hunters. The old Apollo 10 footage, according to UFO researchers, proves there was alien and UFO activity on the lunar surface before NASA landed men on the Moon in... Read more » UFO With Pulsating Navigation Light Spotted Landing At Alien Ru
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NASA’s 1971 Apollo 15 Video Clip Shows UFO Parked On Lunar Surface Observing Moon Landing, UFO Hunter Claims

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A YouTube UFO hunter claims to have found an old NASA video clip from the 1971 Apollo 15 mission which shows a flying saucer UFO — presumably an alien UFO — parked on the lunar surface apparently observing the Apollo 15 Moon landing...

UFO Hunter Spots Military Alien UFO Stalking Apollo 17 Lunar Module On Moon’s Surface [Photos]

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A YouTube UFO hunter says he has spotted a UFO stalking the 1972 Apollo 17 mission lunar module on the Moon’s surface. According to the prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1, one of a series of three photos of the lunar surface taken from ...

NASA’s Apollo 12 Photo Shows Pentagon Black Project TR3B-Type Alien UFO Observing Moon Landing, According To UFO Hunters [Video]

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Online UFO hunters claim to have spotted in an old NASA photograph taken during the Apollo 12 moon landing in 1969, a TR3B-type stealth UFO lurking in dark lunar skies and observing the lunar landing. TR3B-type UFOs are of special i...

Alien UFO Spacecraft Launches From Inside Lunar Crater In Apollo 11 Photo — ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence That ETs Beat NASA To The Moon? [Video]

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UFO hunters claim sensationally that an old Apollo 11 photo shows an alien UFO missile, rocket or spacecraft launching from a lunar crater. The Apollo 11 mission photo, allegedly showing an alien spacecraft launching from a Moon cra...

NASA Won’t Comment On Moon ‘Breakaway Piece’ In Apollo 11 Photo — UFO Hunters Say It Was ‘Cloaked’ Alien UFO Observing Moon Landing

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UFO hunter Streetcap1 reports an intriguing anomaly spotted in an old NASA Apollo 11 Moon landing photo. The photo appears to show a piece of the Moon detaching or breaking away from the lunar surface and rising into the air. And de...


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