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Why it's so hard to figure out what central banks are doing

(October 12, 2016 03:36 PM, by Scott Sumner) A few weeks ago I presented a graph that showed the trade-off between a big central bank balance sheet and faster NGDP growth: Now I'd like to use this framework to discuss why so many people confuse easy and tight... (0 COMMENTS)
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Helicopter Drops As Insurance Against Central Bank Incompetence: A Reply to Scott Sumner

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Back in June I proposed that helicopter drops become a normal, systematic part of countercyclical policy. Here is what I said: First, the Fed adopts a NGDP level arget. Doing so would better anchor nominal spending and income expect...

Not all depressions are due to NGDP shortfalls

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(December 19, 2015 01:37 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's the Financial Times on Brazil: Brazil's economy has suffered a dramatic decline this year. Economists surveyed by the central bank expect economic growth to contract 3.6 per cent ...

Chart of the Day: Central Bank Balance Sheet as Percent of GDP: Fed, ECB, BOJ, BOE

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Here is an interesting chart by Peter Garnry, an Equity Strategist at Saxo Bank in Denmark. The race is on to see which central bank can load up its balance sheet with the most garbage the fastest. Reader Scott says... Lemme see her...

Once again, the Fed was wrong

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(April 28, 2016 11:32 AM, by Scott Sumner) About 2 years ago, I predicted that 3% NGDP growth was the new normal. At the time, the Fed predicted significantly higher trend growth (both RGDP and NGDP.) The Fed has a big NGDP problem....

A Problem So Massive Even Central Banks Cannot Contain It

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The financial world has missed the biggest story of 2016. That story is the fact that the CURRENCY markets have stopped paying attention to Central Bank policy and are now deciding things for themselves. For those who are unfamiliar...


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