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The moon has hundreds more craters than we thought

Bombardment by small meteors is constantly churning up the surface of the moon. The dust-up could pose a hazard to future lunar settlements
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Leaping lunar dust: Electrically charged dust near shadowed craters can get lofted above Moon's surface

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Electrically charged lunar dust near shadowed craters can get lofted above the surface and jump over the shadowed region, bouncing back and forth between sunlit areas on opposite sides, according to new calculations by NASA scientis...

Quantifying crater production and regolith overturn on the Moon with temporal imaging

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Random bombardment by comets, asteroids and associated fragments form and alter the lunar regolith and other rocky surfaces. The accumulation of impact craters over time is of fundamental use in evaluating the relative ages of geolo...

New Moon craters occurring faster than we thought

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BY: Patrick Jones When we gaze up at the sky and look at the moon, we often assume she's got the same marks on her face that she's always had -- but we'd be wrong. Perhaps the moon's surface is struck by debris, but we tend to assum...

The moon is a more violent place than we thought

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Lunar colonies may have to look out for dangerous sprays of moon dust and meteor debris.

Study reveals lunar surface features younger than assumed

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The moon's surface is being "gardened"—churned by small impacts—more than 100 times faster than scientists previously thought. This means that surface features believed to be young are perhaps even younger than assumed. It also mean...


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