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How to iron out gravity’s creases in our map of the universe

Our best map of the big bang’s afterglow is warped. A clean-up technique using light from distant galaxies could clear up some long-standing mysteries
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Cosmological mystery solved by largest ever map of voids and superclusters

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A team of astrophysicists at the University of Portsmouth have created the largest ever map of voids and superclusters in the universe, which helps solve a long-standing cosmological mystery.

Primordial Matter from Big Bang Fueling a Distant Galaxy

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Astronomers have detected cold streams of primordial hydrogen, vestigial matter left over from the Big Bang, fueling a distant star-forming galaxy in the early Universe. Profuse flows of gas onto galaxies are believed to be crucial ...

Big Bang Afterglow Reveals Older Universe, More Matter, Slower Expansion

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A new map shows the oldest light in our universe, as detected with the precision by the Planck mission. Image by ESA and the Planck Collaboration. You may have seen this map, which has been making the rounds since...

Measuring the distant universe in 3-D using light from 14,000 quasars

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The biggest 3-D map of the distant universe ever made, using light from 14,000 quasars over 10 billion light years away to show the distribution of intergalactic clouds of gas, has been announced. The result proves that the techniqu...

Big Bang Afterglow Reveals a Distant Black Hole --NASA Chandra Observatory

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A jet from a very distant black hole being illuminated by the leftover glow from the Big Bang, known as the cosmic microwave background (CMB), has been found by astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The team discovered...


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