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Marine biology: Diatoms sink in fits and starts

Single-celled marine organisms called diatoms can rapidly alter the speed at which they move through the water column, despite lacking structures for motility.Diatoms are photosynthetic and are a major contributor to ocean productivity. Brad Gemmell and his colleagues at the University of Texas Marine
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Light-modulated responses of growth and photosynthetic performance to ocean acidification in the model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum

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Ocean acidification (OA) due to atmospheric CO2 rise is expected to influence marine primary productivity. In order to investigate the interactive effects of OA and light changes on diatoms, we grew Phaeodactylum tricornutum, under ...

Boldness in a deep sea hermit crab to simulated tactile predator attacks is unaffected by ocean acidification

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Despite rapidly growing interest in the effects of ocean acidification on marine animals, the ability of deep-sea animals to acclimate or adapt to reduced pH conditions has received little attention. Deep-sea species are generally t...

Ocean acidification enhances the growth rate of larger diatoms

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Ocean acidification is changing the nature of inorganic carbon availability in the global oceans. Diatoms account for ? 40% of all marine primary productivity and are major contributors to the export of atmospheric carbon to the dee...

Physiological responses of a model marine diatom to fast pH changes: special implications of coastal water acidification

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Diatoms and other phytoplankton in coastal waters experience rapid pH changes in milieu due to high biological activities and/or upwelled CO2-rich waters. While CO2 concentrating mechanisms (CCMs) are employed by all diatoms tested ...

Multiparametric analyses reveal the pH-dependence of silicon biomineralization in diatoms

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Diatoms, the major contributors of the global biogenic silica cycle in modern oceans, account for about 40% of global marine primary productivity. They are an important component of the biological pump in the ocean, and their assemb...


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