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Lunchtime Quiz: Campaign Slogan or Pat Boone Song?

Humor : mental_floss

Campaign slogans can veer towards the uninteresting, with the focus on family, progress, and values. In fact, some of them sound more like classic pop songs from a simpler time. In this quiz, it’s up to you to choose whether we’ve n...

The 5pm Quiz: Vintage Cigarette Slogans

Humor : mental_floss

For each brand, identify the one real slogan. If the choices seem too difficult, don’t lose your cool. Just head over to the lounge for a Pall Mall cigarette. Pall Mall: Wherever particular people congregate. Take the Quiz: Vintage ...

Lunchtime Quiz: Slogans of the ’90s

Humor : mental_floss

How powerful can advertising be? Let’s put those catchy slogans to the test. Can you identify the product from an ad campaign either introduced or used primarily in the 1990?s? Take the Quiz: Slogans of the ’90s

The 5pm Quiz: Slogans of Cheap Beers

Humor : mental_floss

You may know your bargain-priced brews, but how well do you know the advertising slogans that help put their icy frugality in your hand? Take the Quiz: Slogans of Cheap Beers

Lunchtime Quiz: Ad Slogans

Humor : mental_floss

This quiz tests the copywriters who penned these taglines as much as it tests you. How well do you know your slogans? Take the Quiz: Advertising Slogans


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