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Four short links: 13 October 2016

Cake Cutting, Tea Making, Google Interviewing, Automation Puzzling Fair Cake-Cutting -- But in April, two computer scientists defied expectations by posting a paper online describing an envy-free cake-cutting algorithm whose running time depends only on the number of players, not on their individual preferences. [...] The algorithm is extraordinarily complex: dividing a cake among n players can require as many as n^n^n^n^n^n steps and a roughly equivalent number of cuts.
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Four short links: 22 September 2016

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Ops Papers, Moral Tests, Self-Powered Computing Materials, and Self-Driving Regulation Operability (Morning Paper) -- text of a talk that was a high-speed run past a lot of papers that cover ops issues. Great read, which will swell ...

Four short links: 17 April 2015

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Replicating SQLite using Raft Consensus — clever, he used a consensus algorithm to build a distributed (replicated) SQLite. When Open Access is the Norm, How do Scientists Communicate? (PLOS) — From interviews I’ve conducted with re...

Four short links: 21 July 2016

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Hints for System Design, REST Guidelines, HTTP Lint, and Skype Centralises Hints For Computer System Design -- old paper on software engineering best practices, from '80s computer scientists. I've been taking notes in a gist. Make i...

Four short links: 10 October 2016

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Equal-Opportunity Machine Learning, Automatic Photo Criticism, Self-Driving RC Cars, and Computers at Human Speed Equality of Opportunity in Supervised Learning (PDF) -- paper from Google working through the ways in which you might ...

Four short links: 6 October 2016

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Maps, Manufacturing, Bias, and Vulnerabilities Introducing Cartographer -- Google open sources a SLAM library. SLAM algorithms combine data from various sensors (e.g. LIDAR, IMU and cameras) to simultaneously compute the position of...


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