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Recent Progress on Senescent Cell Clearance at SIWA Therapeutics

SIWA Therapeutics is one of a number of companies that have been around for some years, working away at the problem of senescent cells and their contribution to age-related disease at a slow pace. It is probably the case that some of these initiatives will raise new funding and be invigorated as a result of Oisin Biotechnologies and UNITY Biotechnology entering this area, as well as the recent research results showing life extension and other benefits in mice as a result of senescent cell clearance.
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Mayo Clinic Researchers Link Senescent Cells to Most Common Form of Arthritis

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Researchers at Mayo Clinic have reported a causal link between senescent cells -- cells that accumulate with age and contribute to frailty and disease -- and osteoarthritis in mice.

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As an approach to treating aging, senescent cell clearance has come of age. Rapid progress in a number of strategies has taken place in the past couple of years, UNITY Biotechnology made their big splash announcement of intent a few...


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