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Three Judge Court Dismisses Maryland Legislative Gerrymander Case on Procedural Grounds

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

You can find the unanimous opinion, finding that the plaintiff, representing himself was precluded from suing on a gerrymander because he brought an earlier suit before the election, here. … Continue reading ?

“The Most Gerrymandered State in America; Study shows Wisconsin most gerrymandered in 42 years. Case is filed in federal court.”

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

“Murphy’s Law” column. … Continue reading ?

“Gerrymandering Isn’t Evil; Why independent redistricting won’t save us from political gridlock’

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

John Sides and Eric McGhee for Politico: But the notion that so many of our political ills stem from gerrymandering is, in fact, a bad idea that simply will not die—what we call a Zombie Myth. And when it comes … Continue reading ?

Mann and Ornstein, Revisited, on Asymmetric Polarization

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein are out with a new version of their book, It’s Even Worse Than It Looks (on the cover “Looks” is crossed out and the word “Was” is written in). It has a new afterward, which … Continue reading ?

Today’s Must Read: Mann and Dionne, “The Futility of Nostalgia and the Romanticism of the New Political Realists”

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

Tom Mann and EJ Dionne take on Rauch, Pildes, Cain, LaRaja and Persily. This is a very important contribution to a key debate about the reform project. It is the best explanation of the ironic romanticism in the anti-reform camp. … ...


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