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Medical News Today: Hormone changes during menstrual cycle alter problem-solving strategies

Health : Medical News Today

Research demonstrates that women's problem solving ability is not altered by hormone fluctuations, but it is handled by different parts of the brain.

This Is Your Brain On Baby

Politics : The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan

Adrienne LaFrance researches the neurological changes that women undergo when they become mothers. Yes, it’s like a drug: “We see changes at both the hormonal and brain levels,” brain researcher Ruth Feldman told me in an email. “Ma...

Blood Flow Changes, Not Hormones, Explain Growth Of Benign Tumors In Pregnant Women

Health : Medical News Today

Meningiomas are a common type of benign brain tumor that sometimes grows dramatically in pregnant women. A new study suggests that this sudden tumor growth likely results from "hemodynamic changes" associated with pregnancy, reports...

Deactivation of Brain Receptors in Postmenopausal Women May Lead to Lack of Physical Activity

Health : Newswise Medical News

Researchers from the University of Missouri have found a connection between lack of ovarian hormones and changes in the brain's pleasure center, a hotspot in the brain that processes and reinforces messages related to reward, pleasu...

Women's Facial Preferences In Mates Affected By Hormones And Brain Activity

Health : Medical News Today

Scientists have long known that women's preferences for masculine men change throughout their menstrual cycles. A new study from Indiana University's Kinsey Institute is the first to demonstrate differences in brain activity as wome...


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