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Why Do Nebraska and Maine Split Electoral Votes?

Humor : mental_floss

Getty Images In the majority of the United States, one candidate gets all of the state’s electoral votes. That holds true whether the state has 55 electoral votes to give, like California, or a scant 3 votes to offer, like Montana. ...

Nevada Voters Chose ‘None Of These Candidates’ For Democrat Gov. Primary Candidate

US Politics / Conservative : Wizbang

It’s the oldest joke in electoral politics, the idea that a voter would rather pick “none of the above” than vote for one of the proffered candidates. Well, in Nevada, “none of the above” just won election. No, really! Just like eve...

The Tories Back Reform?

Politics : The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan

According to Jim Pickard, the Tories are "prepared to whip a referendum on the alternative vote through the House of Commons" but Labour has agreed to immediate action on the alternative vote plus additional electoral reforms. Iain ...

Whittling Away The Electoral College

Politics : The Daily Dish By Andrew Sullivan

A PEW report on states getting rid of the electoral college: Maryland last year became the first state to approve a "national popular vote" compact that would allocate all of its 10 electoral votes to the candidate who wins the...

Here's how Paul Ryan can become the next president

Politics : Business Insider: Politix

The electoral college decides the next president, and of the 538 total electoral votes, a candidate needs 270 to win. Here's what would happen if somehow a tie occurred, or if neither candidate has enough votes to reach 270. Produce...


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