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Joe Biden Has His Own Dwarf Planet, and It’s Acting Up

News : Mediaite

A "dwarf planet beyond Pluto" was discovered by astronomers Wednesday in a corner of space where no planet, dwarf or otherwise, should have been. Provisionally named 2012 VP113, the little guy rapidly acquired the nickname Biden...

Pluto Gets Up Close and Personal in Latest NASA Photos

News : NYMag: Intelligencer

A little more than a year ago, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft did a Pluto flyby, snapping a bunch of pictures of the dwarf planet that got scientists really, really excited. On Wednesday, NASA scientists released the latest image, w...

Pluto may be hiding two other planets, scientists say

News : The Raw Story

While some astronomers are looking for the existence of planets light years away from Earth, a team of Spanish researchers has suggested there could be at least two planets that have yet to be discovered in our very own Solar System...

Pluto Might Be the Largest Dwarf Planet, After All

News : Scientific American: Observations

Pluto is certainly the most famous (and beloved) object among the group that astronomers call dwarf planets, but for years it’s appeared to rank a distant second in terms of size. Eris, a dwarf planet discovered in 2005, has been es...

Meet L91 – The Icy World That May Prove Planet Nine Exists

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Mysterious Universe

Astronomers have discovered a new small icy world that’s acting like no solar system object – planet, dwarf, asteroid or otherwise – has ever acted before. It’s so strange, they can’t even decide whether to blame its odd orbit on Ne...


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