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Mercedes Says its Future Autonomous Cars will Prioritize Life of Passengers over Pedestrians

Have you ever heard of the “Trolley Problem?” Well, basically, it’s a Philosophical question that asks you to imagine that you’re riding on a runaway trolley. Up ahead there are five workers on the track. You can’t stop the trolley, but you can use the track interchange up ahead to divert the trolley onto a different track. The moral dilemma, however, is that there is one lonely worker on the second track.
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In 1967, the philosopher Philippa Foot posed what became known at “The Trolley Problem”.  Suppose you are the driver of a runaway tram (or “trolley car”) and you can only steer from one narrow track on to another; five men are worki...

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The trolley problem is an ethical and psychological thought experiment. In its most basic formulation, you're the driver of a runaway trolley about to hit and certainly kill five people on the track ahead, but you have the option of...

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When it comes to autonomous cars, get used to hearing about ‘the trolley problem.’ A thought experiment in ethics, the basis of the problem is as follows: A runaway train is about to mow down five people tied to the tracks. You, sta...


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RESOLVING THE TROLLEY PROBLEM IN FAVOR OF THE TROLLEY’S OWNER: Self-Driving Mercedes Will Prioritize Occupant Safety over Pedestrians. The world’s oldest carmaker no longer sees the problem, similar to the question from 1967 known a...

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For years now carmakers have been avoiding addressing the Trolley Problem. In the event of an imminent crash, who does your car protect: you, the occupant, or a pedestrian? Read more...


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