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Evidence of Fluctuating Paleoatmospheric Oxygen Levels Before and After the Cryogenian Marinoan (Snowball Earth) Glaciations

Chromium isotope, REE and redox-sensitive trace element chemostratigraphy across the late Neoproterozoic Ghaub glaciation, Otavi Group, Namibia Authors: Rodler et al Abstract: Chromium isotopes constitute a powerful paleoenvironmental tracer recording fluctuations of atmospheric oxygenation and continental weathering thus facilitating the reconstruction of the redox state of ancient seawater.
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The C/B Excursion During Marinoan Glaciation (Snowball Earth) may not be Meaningful

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Boron during meteoric diagenesis and its potential implications for Marinoan snowball Earth ?11B-pH excursions Authors:Stewart et alAbstract:Large negative carbon (?13C) and boron (?11B) isotope excursions (both >6‰) within the wide...

Evidence Sturtian Glaciations of the Cryogenian NeoProterozoic Were From a Snowball Earth Scenario

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A rapid and synchronous initiation of the wide spread Cryogenian glaciationsAuthors:Lan et alAbstract:The Neoproterozoic glaciations represent a remarkable milestone in Earth evolution due to their major influence on atmosphere, bio...

Marine Conditions Before, During and After the Cryogenian NeoProterozoic Sturtian Glaciations

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The Marine Environments encompassing the Neoproterozoic glaciations: Evidence from C, Sr and Fe isotope ratios in the Hecla Hoek Supergroup in SvalbardAuthors:Tahata et alAbstract:The Neoproterozoic Era records several important eve...

Evidence of Ocean Acidification After the Marinoan Glaciation From Cryogenian NeoProterozoic China

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Ocean acidification in the aftermath of the Marinoan glaciationAuthors:Ohnemueller et alAbstract:Boron isotope patterns preserved in cap carbonates deposited in the aftermath of the younger Cryogenian (Marinoan, ca. 635 Ma) glaciati...

Was the Cryogenian Marinoan Glaciation REALLY a Snowball Earth?

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Duration and nature of the end-Cryogenian (Marinoan) glaciation Authors: Prave et al Abstract: The end-Cryogenian glaciation (Marinoan) is portrayed commonly as the archetype of snowball Earth, yet its duration and character remain ...


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