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Ediacaran Oceans had a Higher Sulfate Concentration

Methane-derived authigenic carbonate from the lower Doushantuo Formation of South China: Implications for seawater sulfate concentration and global carbon cycle in the early Ediacaran ocean Authors: Zhou et al Abstract: Authigenic carbonate associated with anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM), usually via microbial sulfate reduction (MSR) or ferric iron reduction, is generally characterize
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An Anomalous Calcium Cycle in the Ediacaran Ocean

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

The anomalous Ca cycle in the Ediacaran ocean: Evidence from Ca isotopes preserved in carbonates in the Three Gorges area, South ChinaAuthors:Sawaki et alAbstract:The Ediacaran–Cambrian was one of the most important periods for the ...

Impact Ejecta Found at Paleocene-Eocene Boundary in New Jersey

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Impact ejecta at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary Authors: Schaller et al Abstract: Extraterrestrial impacts have left a substantial imprint on the climate and evolutionary history of Earth. A rapid carbon cycle perturbation and global...

Ediacaran NeoProterozoic Carbon Excursion Might Have Been Shorter Lived Than Previously Believed

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Paired carbonate and organic carbon isotope variations of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation from an upper slope section at Siduping, South ChinaAuthors:Wang et alAbstract:Intensive carbon isotope analyses from the Doushantuo Format...

Evidence of Marine High Oxygen Levels During the Ediacaran NeoProterozoic

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Ocean oxidation during the deposition of basal Ediacaran Doushantuo cap carbonates in the Yangtze Platform, South ChinaAuthors:Lang et alAbstract:Precipitation of cap carbonate lithologies is a key feature of Cryogenian global glaci...

Ediacaran Doushantuo Embryo-like Fossils are Metazoans

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Meroblastic cleavage identifies some Ediacaran Doushantuo (China) embryo-like fossils as metazoans Authors: Yin et al Abstract: Ediacaran Doushantuo (Formation) embryo-like fossils (EDEFs, ca. 600 Ma) from South China display cellul...


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