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Focus: Evolution Thins Out Distracting DNA

Author(s): Mark Buchanan Proteins sometimes bind to the wrong stretch of DNA, but these "imposter" DNA sequences are statistically rare in many genomes, suggesting that evolution works against them. [Physics 9, 119] Published Fri Oct 14, 2016
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Genomic hitchhikers in birds shed light on evolution of viruses

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The genomes of birds are riddled with DNA sequences from viruses, according to a study to be published on October 16 in mBio®, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology. Analysis of these viral sequence...

Molecular VELCRO for chromosome stability

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Focus: A Thermostat that Consumes No Energy

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Author(s): Mark Buchanan Experiments show that a region next to changing hot and cold areas can be maintained at a fixed temperature without consuming energy. [Physics 9, 89] Published Fri Jul 29, 2016

Focus: Tiny Digital Bits in Ferroelectric Material

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Author(s): Mark Buchanan Electrons hitting a ferroelectric material can produce a single digital bit 100 times smaller than the bits in today’s commercial memories. [Physics 9, 78] Published Fri Jul 08, 2016

Automated conserved noncoding sequence (CNS) discovery reveals differences in gene content and promoter evolution among grasses

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Within the genome of each species, there are thousands of stretches of DNA that undergo little change in position and sequence over millions of years, but do not code for any proteins. Some of these evolutionarily stable sequences, ...


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