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'Movies' of electron motion in solar cell made using femtosecond laser

New technique combines electron microscopy with pulsed lasers to study semiconductor devices
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Better memory with faster lasers

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By studying the effect of femtosecond laser pulses on the types of materials used to make DVDs, researchers made a discovery that could one day lead to better information storage in computers.

Laser pulse turns glass into a metal

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Quartz glass does not conduct electric current, it is a typical example of an insulator. With ultra-short laser pulses, however, the electronic properties of glass can be fundamentally changed within femtoseconds (1 fs = 10^-15 seco...

Laser achieves world record power at one pulse per second

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The laser system for BELLA, the Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator, has delivered a petawatt of power – a quadrillion watts – in a pulse just 40 femtoseconds long – a quadrillionth of a second – at one pulse per second. No other laser s...

New pathway to valleytronics: Femtosecond laser used to manipulate valley excitons

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Researchers have uncovered a promising new pathway to valleytronics, a potential quantum computing technology in which information is coded based on the wavelike motion of electrons moving through certain 2-D semiconductors.

Metamaterials may advance with new femtosecond laser technique

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"Lucky" combination of chemicals and laser pulses enables high-resolution, 3D patterning for futuristic optical materials


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