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Evidence of an End Ediacaran Paleoenvironmental Disturbance

The end of the Ediacaran: Two new exceptionally preserved body fossil assemblages from Mount Dunfee, Nevada, USA Authors: Smith et al Abstract: Evaluation of hypotheses that relate environmental to evolutionary change across the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition has been hampered by a dearth of sections that preserve both the last appearance of Ediacaran body fossils and the first appearance of Treptichnus pedum within carbonate-rich strata suitable for chemostratigraphic studies.
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Are Ediacaran Ambient Inclusion Trails Trace Fossils?

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New observations of Ambient Inclusion Trails (AITs) and pyrite framboids in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, South China Authors: She et al Abstract: Ambient Inclusion Trails (AITs) are intriguing microtubular structures that com...

Explaining the Exceptional Preservation of the Ediacaran NeoProterozoic Lantian and Miaohe Biotas

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EXCEPTIONAL PRESERVATION OF MACROFOSSILS FROM THE EDIACARAN LANTIAN AND MIAOHE BIOTAS, SOUTH CHINAAuthors:Wang et alAbstract:The Ediacaran Lantian and Miaohe biotas (South China) are among the earliest-known fossil assemblages with ...

Evidence of Euxinia in Terminal Ediacaran Oceans

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Redox-dependent distribution of early macro-organisms: Evidence from the terminal Ediacaran Khatyspyt Formation in Arctic Siberia Authors: Cui et al Abstract: The Ediacaran Period witnessed the first appearance of macroscopic animal...

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Transitional Ediacaran–Cambrian small skeletal fossil assemblages from South China and Kazakhstan: Implications for chronostratigraphy and metazoan evolution Authors: Yang et al Abstract: The Ediacaran–Cambrian transition records di...

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Exceptional preservation of soft-bodied Ediacara Biota promoted by silica-rich oceans Authors: Tarhan et al Abstract: The Ediacara Biota, Earth's earliest fossilized ecosystem of complex, macroscopic, multicellular organisms, occurs...


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