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AJC's Ideologically Bigoted Editorial Cartoonists Saw This Blog Post He Called Us A Name That He Vowed To Never Call "Sensitive Black People" Because He Was Empathetic To How It Made Black People Feel When THE RACIST WHITE RIGHT WING Used It As A Pejorati

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

Most Of You All Don't Get Treated To The Metro-Atlanta Newswires In Order To Appreciate How AJC's Mike Luckovich Is Little More Than An IDEOLOGICAL BIGOT As He Knows That The Average Colonized Black American Loves When He Walks Over...

AJC's Mike Luckovich Has Outdone Himself In His Indictment Of The "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Georgia" - They Will Surely Picket The AJC Headquarters Over This One

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

The "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Georgia, Inc" thought that they had the Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich well trained. "DON'T MESS WITH US WITH YOUR RACIST DEPICTION OF BLACK LEADERS IN GOOD STANDING O...

If The AJC's Mike Luckovich Was Committed To The Truth He Would Trigger Protests From The Civil Rights Pharisees Outside Of The AJC Headquarters

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

Despite Having Full Access To The ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION NEWS FEED FROM METRO ATLANTA - MIKE LUCKOVICH IS NEVER GOING TO ADMIT: The Average "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" In Metro Atlanta - NOT ONLY Did Not Get Killed With The B...

Progressive Fundamentalist Cartoonist Mike Luckovich Says That He Keeps An Enduring Relationship With Rep John Lewis By Avoiding Unnecessary Focus Upon "Black People Who Kill" And Instead Pleasing Black Progressives By Shifting Focus To The White Right Wi

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

Mike Luckovich Should Be Credited Because He Has Discovered The "Secret Sauce" Given The Choice Between: Agitating The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Over Claims Of "Racist Coverage Of Black People By The AJC" And Triggering Their Protest...

Series: The Mike Luckovich Editorial Cartoons That Were Banned By The AJC Editors Who Did Not Want To Rile Up the Civil Rights Pharisees And Cause Them To Resume Their Protest Marches Outside Of The Newspaper Headquarters Charging RACIST And Slanderous C

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

ANALYSIS In the politics of Progressive-Fundamentalism - "OUTWARD INDICTMENT TO TRIGGER ATTRITION" is another form of the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".By nationalizing the grievances and keepin...


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