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Evidence of Euxinia in Terminal Ediacaran Oceans

Redox-dependent distribution of early macro-organisms: Evidence from the terminal Ediacaran Khatyspyt Formation in Arctic Siberia Authors: Cui et al Abstract: The Ediacaran Period witnessed the first appearance of macroscopic animal life in Earth's history. However, the biogeochemical context for the stratigraphic occurrence of early metazoans is largely uncertain, in part due to the dearth of integrated paleobiological and chemostratigraphic datasets.
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Ediacaran Oceans had a Higher Sulfate Concentration

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Methane-derived authigenic carbonate from the lower Doushantuo Formation of South China: Implications for seawater sulfate concentration and global carbon cycle in the early Ediacaran ocean Authors: Zhou et al Abstract: Authigenic c...

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Exceptional preservation of soft-bodied Ediacara Biota promoted by silica-rich oceans Authors: Tarhan et al Abstract: The Ediacara Biota, Earth's earliest fossilized ecosystem of complex, macroscopic, multicellular organisms, occurs...

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Redox variations and organic matter accumulation on the Yangtze carbonate platform during Late Ediacaran–Early Cambrian: Constraints from petrology and geochemistryAuthors:Gao et alAbstract:In order to understand redox variations an...

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Fluctuation of shelf basin redox conditions in the early Ediacaran: evidence from Lantian Formation black shales in South ChinaAuthors:Guan et alAbstract:Finely laminated, pyrite- and organic-rich black shales that bear a euxinic in...


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