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Helpful Felines Shorty and Kody Demonstrate the Variety of Jobs Available to Cats

Shorty and Kody, the helpful felines of The ShoKo Show, graciously shared their own experience and demonstrated the vast amount of employment opportunities available to all cats of any size, shape or breed. via Cheezburger, Neatorama Related Laughing Squid PostsHow to Do Yoga With Your CatsFeline Duo Demonstrates the Various Methods That Cats Will Use […]
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Your Cat May Be Trying To Kill You. Here Are 8 Ways.

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So, we know cats are cute. We also know they can throw some serious shade. But they may also be plotting to end your life. And these two felines -- black cat Shorty and black and white Kodi -- are here to demonstrate eight ways this...

How to Do Yoga With Your Cats

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In this video, cats Shorty and Kodi help their human “dad” do yoga with poses like Crescent Purrior and Cuddlecatasana. Previously, we wrote about another feline workout tutorial video featuring Shorty and Kodi. via Tastefully Offen...

Working from Home with Distracting Cats

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It isn’t always easy to get work done when you have a cat (or two) who demands attention. In this video, kitties Shorty and Kodi demonstrate the adorable tactics of distraction they put to use with their human. video by ShoKo via Ta...

Feline Duo Demonstrates the Various Methods That Cats Will Use While Preparing to Kill Their Human

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The adorable feline duo of Shorty and Kodi, demonstrate the various methods that cats will use while preparing to kill their human. Such methods include suffocation, utilizing the element of surprise, sharpening their claws, finding...

How to Exercise With Your Cats

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In this video demonstrating how to exercise with cats, Shorty and Kodi help their human “dad” work out. Previously, we wrote about similar feline workout tutorial videos that demonstrate “Cat Twists” and the bench press. via Daily P...


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