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Spider-Man Spider Sense Bust Bank

Technology / Gadgets : GeekAlerts

This Spider-Man Spider Sense Bust Bank will have your Spidey senses tingling every time you put money into it, because it feels great to save money. You can count on Spider-Man to protect your hard earned money. This super cool 7 in...

Spider-Man Spidey Sense T-Shirt: My Wallet is Tingling!

Technology / Gadgets : technabob

Spider-Man’s Spider Sense alerts him to danger and allows his body to react on its own to avoid attacks. Thinkgeek’s Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense T-shirt on the other hand only alerts you…

Spiders don't have ears - but they can still hear you coming

Academics / Biology : The Guardian: Biology

Some find spiders and their hairy legs terrifying. But research has shown those hairs are so sensitive they can detect human speech from several metres away They are creepy, crawly and, for some, a source of irrational fear. Now sci...

Spiders can hear you walking and talking from across the room

Biology / Zoology : New Scientist: Zoologger

Even though they lack ears, it seems that spiders can “hear” everyday sounds up to several metres away with their leg hairs

Jumping Spiders 'Hear' Long-Range Audio with Their Hairy Legs

Academics / General Science : Live Science

No ears? No problem. Jumping spiders can still "hear" you, and from farther away than you'd expect.


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