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In US Elections, Money Matters!

Business & Finance : Zero Hedge

Simply put, in 40 years of US national elections - money talks, and bullshit (along with hope, change, trust, policy, and every other potential differentiator) walks... As Statista details, so far, Hillary Clinton's campaign has rai...

A huge pension fund hired an investigator to work out where it was getting screwed

Business & Finance : Business Insider: Clusterstock

Trust between people who have money and those that manage it has sunk to a low since the 2008 financial crisis. The issue of fees and the percentage points charged by hedge funds and investment managers on the money they manage is p...

Rich Silicon Valley Brat Admits He Funds Trump SuperPAC For 'Shtposting' Anti-Hillary Memes

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's Silicon Valley rich kids who invented a thing, sell the thing for a lot of money, and then start screwing around online because they have the money and they can. Meet Palmer Luckey, a Silico...

Taxes and the US election: The rich can’t be trusted with money

News : The Raw Story

US elections: The rich can’t be trusted with money The American presidential campaign is about sleazy sex. About name-calling. About fact checking. Tabulating who told the most lies. About demographics: white, educated, under-educat...


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