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Families Find Fossils of a Cretaceous “Swordfish”

Australopachycormus hurleyi – Rare Fossils Found The fearsome marine reptiles that once inhabited the Western Interior Seaway of North America led to this shallow, Cretaceous-age, inland sea being described as “Hell’s Aquarium”, but at the same time much of the land we know now as Australia was covered by an equally dangerous marine environment.  Amongst […]
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Environmental Changes in the Western Interior Seaway Across the Cenomanian/Turonian Cretaceous Boundary

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

Paleoenvironmental and paleoceanographic changes across the Cenomanian–Turonian Boundary Event (Oceanic Anoxic Event 2) as indicated by foraminiferal assemblages from the eastern margin of the Cretaceous Western Interior SeaAuthors:...

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway in Colorado

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Integrated paleoenvironmental analysis of the Niobrara Formation: Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, northern ColoradoAuthors:Da Gama et alAbstract:This study presents a regional chronostratigraphic framework and paleoenvironmental...

Horned Dinosaur Tooth Discovered in Northern Mississippi

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Horned Dinosaurs Roamed Appalachia For much of the Cretaceous, North America was split into two landmasses by a huge sea (the Western Interior Seaway), much is known about the variety of dinosaurs that roamed the land to the west of...

Evolution of the Western Interior Seaway During the Cretaceous

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The Cretaceous Polar and Western Interior seas: paleoenvironmental history and paleoceanographic linkagesAuthor:Schröder-AdamsAbstract:This study reviews the Cretaceous histories of the Polar and Western Interior seas as recorded in...

It was a Sea Monster Eat Sea Monster World

Biology / Paleontology : The Dragon's Tales

The mosasaur, a fearsome marine reptile that stalked the Cretaceous seas, scavenged its own kin, a new fossil find reveals.A fossilized mosasaur found in Angola contains the partial remains of three other mosasaurs in its stomach, r...


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