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Morality Does Not Have a Reset Point

According to geologists, earth's tectonic plates are in constant flux. The seven major plates (and many minor ones) move in relation to each other. This movement has in pre-history had a significant effect on the current arrangement of the continents. Geologists believe the plates move as much as one hundred millimeters a year. That's about four inches. Australia has, for some reason, been moving faster than the rest of us.
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Geologists have a new explanation for the origin of plate tectonics. Researchers suggest it was triggered by the spreading of early continents then it eventually became a self-sustaining process.

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12.11.2015: Our planet Earth is the only planet in the Solar System that possesses Plate Tectonics. The Earth's surface is in a constant state of change; the tectonic plates together with the oceans and continents continuously slide...


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