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A Bunch of Times Carrie Fisher Proved She’s the Queen of Twitter

It’s difficult if not impossible for most of the nerd gods to ever move past their legacy of being in that one thing that all the geeks like. I mean hell, while William […]
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Humor : The Hairpin

Needlepoint at the Nerd Jerk artist’s booth. I was never a proper geek. A nerd and outcast in high school, yes, but not a true geek, if geek means someone who’s into gaming, techie culture, comics, or sci-fi. I had a geek friend in ...

You...Are A Crazy Person: Carrie Fisher Talking About How Much Better Star Wars Is Than Star Trek

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Hell no I'm not giving you a high-five -- and put those titties away, gramma! This is a video of Carrie Fisher looking more like a fing alien than Princess Leia (is that rhinestone eyeshadow?!) responding to William Shatner's video ...

Unseen Blast From the Past: Carrie Fisher All Bikini’d Up on the Beach

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Most fans would be surprised to find anything Star Wars that they haven’t seen yet. The Internet every now and then, pops up something from days gone by to remind us all why Carrie Fisher became every nerd fan-boy and quite a few fa...

Literary Nerds Alert: Twitter Fiction Festival

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Ok fellow writing nerds – time to put those creative writing degrees to work. Many geeks will shun you for your arts degree with a major in creative writing and tell you you’re not a real geek. Here’s time to prove them wrong. The T...

Star Wars Bits: Carrie Fisher’s Return? Lucasfilm to Produce 2-3 Films a Year

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The nerd world is buzzing with rumors and possibilities of what could be with Star Wars Episode VII. Many of the talk surrounds the original cast. Carrie Fisher has been hounded by press and geeks alike with the question will she re...


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