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New type of meteorite found in Sweden

Meteorites offer a glimpse into the workings and origins of our solar system. Now, a meteorite found in a Swedish quarry, reported in a new study in Nature Communications, is opening a whole new window: The find has been classified as a new type of meteorite, never before seen on Earth. 18 Oct 2016
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The dust grains that eventually coalesced into our solar system's planets bounced around like pinballs over vast distances nearly 4.6 billion years ago. The dust grains came from a rare type of meteorite known as a carbonaceous chon...

Osterplana 65: a Fossil Meteorite From Ordovician Sweden

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470 million years ago, somewhere in our Solar System, there was an enormous collision between two asteroids. We know this because of the rain of meteorites that struck Earth at that time. But inside that rain of meteorites, which we...

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Impact origin for the Hummeln structure (Sweden) and its link to the Ordovician disruption of the L chondrite parent bodyAuthors:Alwmark et alAbstract:Several studies of meteorites show that a large disruption of an asteroid occurre...

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Scientists say that in a Swedish quarry, they've uncovered a meteorite unique among the 50,000 known on Earth today. They say it could hold clues about the history of the solar system.

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An ancient space rock discovered in a Swedish quarry is a type of meteorite never before found on Earth, and likely a remnant of a massive asteroid collision 470 million years ago that sent debris raining to Earth.


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