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"The Last Time the Sun Was In This Exact Spot, Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet" (Today's 'Galaxy' Insight)

Our Sun's orbit has only happened 20.4 times since the Sun itself formed 4.6 billion years ago. It’s estimated that the Sun will continue fusing hydrogen for another 7 billion years. In other words, it only has another 31 orbits...
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Milky Way Galaxy Shown to Be Teeming With Planets

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Just 20 years ago, astronomers had no direct evidence that planets orbited other stars. Now, researchers estimate that the Milky Way galaxy contains a vast amount of planets, with Earth-sized worlds vastly outnumbering the rest.

The Kepler telescope has changed how see ourselves in the Universe

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Twenty years ago, we didn't know if there were any planets orbiting stars other than our own. Today, it's estimated that each of the roughly 100-billion stars in our galaxy has, on average, 1.6 planets orbiting around it, as this vi...

Pair of planets found orbiting twin suns

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"Data from orbiting telescopes like NASA's Kepler Mission hint that the tally of habitable planets in our galaxy is many billion. If E.T.'s not out there, then Earth is more than merely special - it's some sort of miracle." Seth...

In the Interstellar Danger Zone --"The Last Time Our Sun Was In This Exact Spot In Its 226-Million-Year Milky-Way Orbit, Dinosaurs Ruled Earth"

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In 1999 astronomers focusing on a star at the center of the Milky Way, measured precisely how long it takes the sun to complete one orbit (a galactic year) of our home galaxy: 226 million years. The last time the...


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