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246A, Notes 5: conformal mapping

In the previous set of notes we introduced the notion of a complex diffeomorphism between two open subsets of the complex plane (or more generally, two Riemann surfaces): an invertible holomorphic map whose inverse was also holomorphic. (Actually, the last part is automatic, thanks to Exercise 40 of Notes 4.) Such maps are also known […]
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Conformal mappings

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I have two questions:1. Find a bijective conformal mapping from G={z in C : |z| 1} onto the open unit disc D.I'm not really sure where to begin. This set G is more complicated than any of the examples we have of this sort of process...

Integrals and Diffeomorphisms

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Let’s say we have a diffeomorphism from one -dimensional manifold to another. Since is both smooth and has a smooth inverse, we must find that the Jacobian is always invertible; the inverse of at is at. And so — assuming is connecte...

The inverse function theorem for everywhere differentiable maps

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The classical inverse function theorem reads as follows: Theorem 1 (Inverse function theorem) Let be an open set, and let be an continuously differentiable function, such that for every, the derivative map is invertible. Then is a l...

246A, Notes 2: complex integration

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Having discussed differentiation of complex mappings in the preceding notes, we now turn to the integration of complex maps. We first briefly review the situation of integration of (suitably regular) real functions of one variable. ...

Math 246A, Notes 4: singularities of holomorphic functions

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In the previous set of notes we saw that functions that were holomorphic on an open set enjoyed a large number of useful properties, particularly if the domain was simply connected. In many situations, though, we need to consider fu...


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