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Democrats Have A False Flag Alien UFO Invasion Plan To Scuttle Nov. 8 Election Day: Project Firesign Is Designed To Allow Obama Declare Martial Law, Install Clinton As President: Conspiracy Theory [Video]

A bizarre conspiracy theory claims a bombshell document leak that reveals a sinister plan by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign to stage a false flag alien UFO invasion of Earth on November 8, Election Day. According to the weird conspiracy theory, the move to fake a massive alien UFO invasion of Earth on... Read more » Democrats Have A False Flag Alien UFO Invasion Plan To Scuttle Nov.
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Alien Invasion False-Flag Imminent: NWO Globalists Plan To Stop Donald Trump By Staging Project Blue Beam ET Invasion, Conspiracy Theorists Warn

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The conspiracy theory blogosphere has come alive lately with anxious rumors about a plan by the global elite or “globalists” to implement Project Blue Beam — a false-flag alien invasion of Earth — to stop the Republican presidential...


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