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To Improve Your Memory, Take a Cue From the Grand Masters

Health : Time: Healthland

How good is your memory? Your answer probably depends on how well you perform everyday tasks of remembering: the name of the new neighbor down the hall, where you put your car keys, your niece's birthday, or perhaps the Pythagorean ...

Why Remembering Names Is Hard — And What to Do About It

Health : Time: Healthland

I’m utterly horrible at remembering names, something that always seemed odd to me because my memory is otherwise quite decent. Give me a statistic or an odd fact and generally it will stick— but introduce me to someone and milliseco...

NextDraft: The Protein Tied to Memory Loss and Other Fascinating News on the Web

News : NewsFeed

Remember This Protein RbAp48. It’s not an easy name to remember. But it is a single protein that could help explain why you don’t remember where you left your keys. Researchers have tied a shortage of RbAp48 to the kind of memory lo...

Digging Into Memory -- And Its Relationship to Sleep

Health : Huffington Post: Healthy Living

We've all had the experience of having our memory fail us, whether it's forgetting a name, struggling to remember what you did the day before or wandering in search of a pair of keys. Before you ascribe that fuzzy memory to a "senio...

Study Links Early Memory Lapses To Later Dementia Diagnosis

News : Huffington Post

Are you the one in your circle of friends who can never remember names and always misplaces her car keys? A study that followed women for 20 years just linked early memory lapses to dementia in later years. If you sense that you are...


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