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The ultimate arbiter of metaphysical theories

One may think of metaphysics to be about the structure and meaning of reality as a whole. Metaphysics can explore reality using logic (also mathematics), reason, and empirical observation. But the ultimate arbiter of metaphysical theories is Zen or dhyana...
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Trope bundle theory is regularly advertised as a one-category ontology. What this means is that everything is either a trope or a logical construction from tropes. Standard trope theory is a metaphysic that implies that everything c...

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This post is a stab at a summary and evaluation of Panayot Butchvarov's "Metaphysical Realism and Logical Nonrealism" which is available both online and in R. M. Gale, ed., The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics (Oxford: Blackwell 2002)...

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At least going back to the time of Kant, metaphysics is at the core of philosophy and still remains so. It is an inquiry into what reality, fundamentally, is; or what the basic structure of reality is in the highest...


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