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Antimicrobial Polymers against Biofilms

Polycarbonates with broad-spectrum activity against microbes
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Biofilm defense: Mechanisms and actions of a new class of broad-spectrum antimicrobials

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Last month WHO issued a report that warned of an increase of antimicrobial-resistance and the renewed threat of bacterial infections world-wide and called for a concerted effort to develop new and better antimicrobial drugs. A study...

Mucus Is Beneficial In The Fight Against Bacteria

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A possible new protection against biofilm formation, polymers found in mucus, have been discovered by a team of researchers from MIT. Biofilms are slimy sheets of bacterial buildup that create a serious danger in medical and industr...

An engineer's perspective on using silver against microbes

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Humans have appreciated silver's antimicrobial activity for millennia. Hippocrates used the precious metal for wound dressings while the pioneers of the American frontier placed coins in their water to guard against bacteria and alg...

Nanoparticles used to break up plaque and prevent cavities

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The bacteria that live in dental plaque and contribute to tooth decay often resist traditional antimicrobial treatment, as they can 'hide' within a sticky biofilm matrix, a glue-like polymer scaffold. A new strategy took a more soph...

Compound from soil microbe inhibits biofilm formation

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A known antibiotic and antifungal compound produced by a soil microbe can inhibit another species of microbe from forming biofilms - -microbial mats that frequently are medically harmful -- without killing that microbe. These findin...


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