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Bearly Awake - Shut Yer Maw Until I've Had My Coffee!

Bearly Awake by TechraNova Some people can wake up and go to work without any caffeine, but for those of us who aren't fully awake until we've had our morning coffee those early hours are a real bear to get through. We growl, grumble and groan until that dark liquid starts coursing through our veins and makes us feel alive again, but if you live with someone who doesn't need caffeine to wake up the morning may start with a shouting match instead! When will they learn not to speak to us until we've had our morning cuppa? Make people aware that you're a grizzly in the morning with this Bearly Awake t-shirt by TechraNova, it's the fun way to tell people you're not so fun to deal with until you've had your morning cup o' joe.
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