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“If only there were a vast empirical literature…”

Paul Krugman blogged on that, with initial impetus from Noah Smith.  Here is Noah: If you and your buddies have a political argument, a vast literature can help you defend your argument even if it’s filled with vague theory, sloppy bad empirics, arguments from authority, and other crap. If someone smart comes along and tries […] The post “If only there were a vast empirical literature…” appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.
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In a discussion of Paul Krugman and his critics, Noah Smith compares two styles of argumentation: Way #1 is to put your complete thought process on a page – to lay out both sides of an argument, and explain why you arrived at a conc...

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I just finished reading The Smith/Klein/Kalecki Theory of Austerity by Paul Krugman and I believe it is the most disingenuous piece he has ever written. Krugman comes out blazing with the statement "Noah Smith recently offered an in...

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Noah Smith: Noahpinion: The cruel trick played by history on Milton Friedman: >Paul Krugman wrote a blog post saying that Milton Friedman's influence has been largely forgotten in macro policy debates…. Three later posts by Krugman…...

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1. A theory of Spain’s political class. 2. When have econ blogs changed people’s (i.e., Noah’s) minds? 3. When will the sun set over the British empire? (Debraj Ray is blogging, in this case with some help from Peter Hammond.) 4. Ch...

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I want to follow-up on the conversation about ideology and empiricism with Russ Roberts, Noah Smith, and Paul Krugman. Here is my previous entry, and here is Noah's with some updates and links. Something that is missing in the discu...


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