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A Broadening of Efforts to Clear Senescent Cells

The accumulation of senescent cells over time is one of the causes of aging. It is one of the limited number of root cause mechanisms that collectively distinguish old tissue from young tissue. Cells become senescent constantly, most because they have reached the Hayflick limit on replication, but senescence also occurs in response to cell damage, tissue injury, or a harmful tissue environment.
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Senescent cells accumulate with age, and secrete an unfortunate combination of signals that harms organs and tissues in numerous ways, such as via the production of increased chronic inflammation. This is one of the root causes of a...

Working to Characterize the Epigenetics of Cellular Senescence

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The accumulation of senescent cells is one of the causes of aging. If even 1% of the cells in a tissue become senescent, that small fraction has been shown to have very damaging effects on the function and behavior of the majority n...

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The accumulation of senescent cells with age is one of the causes of degenerative aging, as senescent cells behave badly, emitting proteins that harm surrounding tissues. Finding a way to clearly identify senescent cells is a necess...


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