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Four short links: 30 June 2017

Jumping Robot, Exactly Once, Pocket Negotiator, and Science-Based Games Salto, the Jumping Robot (IEEE Spectrum) -- two little thrusters are able to control Salto-1P’s yaw and roll: When they’re thrusting in different directions, the robot yaws, and when they both thrust in the same direction, the robot rolls. Combined with the tail, that means Salto-1P (which only ways 98 grams) can stabilize and control itself in three dimensions, even in mid-air, which is what allows it to chain together so many jumps.
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Four short links: 27 August 2014

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Discourse turns 1.0 — community/forum software that doesn’t suck. Programmable Matter (IEEE Spectrum) — recap of where research is going in this area. Liquibase — source control for your database. Apache 2.0 licensed. A Few Useful T...

Four short links: 17 February 2016

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Grasping with Gecko Grippers in Zero Gravity (YouTube) — biomimetic materials science breakthrough from Stanford’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab proves useful in space. (via IEEE Spectrum) Nissan’s Self-Parking Office C...

Four short links: 28 June 2017

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Robot Security, Deep Grasping, Augmenting Programmers, and Crypto Database Tech An Experimental Security Analysis of an Industrial Robot Controller -- it's a bloodbath. Useless authentication, trivial crypto, privilege escalation, a...

Four short links: 30 November 2016

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Robots and Bio, Art and Money, Augmentation vs. Replacement, and Retro Slack Robot Revolution in Synthetic Biology (IEEE Spectrum) -- Once the robots have created a thousand yeast variants containing different mashups of genes, it’s...

Four short links: 15 July 2015

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System Integrity Management Platform (Github) — NSA releases security compliance tool for government departments. 3D-Printed Explosive Jumping Robot Combines Firm and Squishy Parts (IEEE Spectrum) — Different parts of the robot grad...


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