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The Talmud Diet?

Religion / Judaism :

JONATHAN K. CRANKE, IN The Talmud and Other Diet Books ( NYT ), proposes a Talmudic solution to the obesity epidemic:Among these old arguments is the novel idea of eating less than what fills one’s belly. The Talmud teaches that peo...

Schachter on Talmudic layout

Religion / Judaism :

THE TALMUD BLOG: The Flow of Things: Ruminations on Talmudic Layout (Ben Schaccter).In celebration of The Talmud Blog’s redesign, I have been invited to offer some observations on the layout of the Talmud inspired by my background a...

Support of children etc. in the Talmud

Religion / Judaism :

THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET : Would a Jackal Take Better Care of Its Young? For most Jews in Talmudic times, marriage was the biggest financial transaction of their lives.Is a Jewish father legally obligated...

The Talmud and Israeli culture

Religion / Judaism :

THE TALMUD BLOG: “What does the Talmud Have to Offer Israeli Culture?” Yair Lipshitz and Moulie Vidas in Conversation on the Value of Talmud Study, the Beginnings of Talmudic Culture, and the Talmud’s Role in Israeli Society.

The Talmud, Judaism, and asceticism

Religion / Judaism :

THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET : Better To Suffer or Better To Live? Eating—and Not Eating—as a Meritorious Jewish Act. Talmudic rabbis debate Jewish solidarity in the face of misfortune, a communal imperative ...


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