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Incredible Sunken Ships

Humor : Neatorama

Take a tour of the most photogenic sunken ships all over the world -or at least the part that’s underwater. It’s whole lot easier than diving down all those places yourself! Shown is a close-up of Tugboat Rozi, sunk off the coast of...

Epic Underwater Photo Shoot

Humor : Neatorama

(YouTube link) Photographer Benjamin Von Wong did what some would call a “fashion shoot” at a sunken ship off the coast of Bali. It’s really less “fashion” and more just plain “art,” as the models are divers, the clothes are not bei...

Freediving in one of the surrealist places on earth: The Y-40 Deep Joy Pool

Lifestyle : ADAPT Network

Freediver Guillaume Nery was joined by Julie Gautier, his wife and film director, to capture this incredible sequence.

Most Incredible Sunken Ships On Earth

Humor : The Presurfer

image credit To many, the words 'shipwreck' and 'sunken ship' conjure images of treasure and piracy in days long since past, but in fact the sunken wrecks of ancient wooden ships are the exception rather than the rule. Over three mi...

Rolling in the Deep: Daredevil Diver Poses as Captain of Sunken Ship

Aquatic Sports / Swimming : Swimmer's Daily

Adam Stern, a 28-year-old professional freediver from Copacabana, Australia, dived some 30 meters deep to explore the gigantic Boga wreck in North East Bali. Not being the one to miss an opportunity for a cool photo, Adam posed at t...


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