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Friday Cephalopod: Everything you wanted to know about Vampyroteuthis

Academics : Pharyngula

It’s been cephalopod week, and on Science Friday, they featured our old friend, the vampire squid.

Friday Cephalopod: All dressed in red and white…must be Santa Cephalopod!

Academics : Pharyngula

Octopus alpheus Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide (amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Mark Norman. Read the comments on this post......

Monday Cephalopod: Hunkered down, but still flamboyant

Academics : Pharyngula

This was something of a lost weekend for me, with a lot of behind-the-scenes distractions, so I forgot to put up a Friday Cephalopod. So here’s a belated Monday Cephalopod to make up for it all.

Friday Cephalopod: Adorkable little guys

Academics : Pharyngula

Cephalopods are the cutest creatures on the planet. How can you deny it?

Friday Cephalopod: What the heck?

Academics : Pharyngula

OK, cephalopods, what’s going on here? This is that weird dweeb from junior high school who was always getting picked on by the other kids, who is probably now running a software company and buying Ferraris like I buy red pens.


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