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“Should it be legal to have a congressional district only one party can win?”

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

David Savage of the LAT reports on partisan gerrymandering cases working their way to #SCOTUS. … Continue reading ?

No #SCOTUS Action in Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case Today

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

Orders list. Tune in next week to see if the Court grants a hearing in the case for next term (as I’m expecting). … Continue reading ?

“‘Pivotal Moment’ for Democrats? Gerrymandering Heads to Supreme Court”

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

Michael Wines on the Wisconsin partisan gerrymandering case heading to SCOTUS. … Continue reading ?

Breaking: Three-Judge Court Issues Order on Remedy in WI Partisan Gerrymandering Case, Teeing Up Issue for #SCOTUS Review

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

The three-judge court considering the Wisconsin partisan gerrymandering case, Whitford v. Nichols, has issued this remedial order in the Wisconsin gerrymandering case. It requires the Wisconsin legislature to pass a new plan remedyi...

Wisconsin Files #SCOTUS Notice of Appeal in Partisan Gerrymandering Case, Triggering Likely High Court Review Next Term

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

This is a big deal. (Background on why the Court will likely hear the case on the merits.) Will Justice Kennedy agree to police partisan gerrymandering as his parting gift from SCOTUS? … Continue reading ?


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