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RESQ FOAM: This Foam Could Save Your Life. “Made by Arsenal Medical and fittingly dubbed ResQ Foam…

RESQ FOAM: This Foam Could Save Your Life. “Made by Arsenal Medical and fittingly dubbed ResQ Foam, this remarkable innovation rapidly expands inside the body and seals off the wound. Bleeding to death is the leading cause of fatalities on the battlefield, according to the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. So the US military […]
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Fill Me Up: DARPA's Body-Filling Foam To Save Lives

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So some DARPA robot stabs you in the gut, what are you gonna do? ANSWER: Get pumped full of some DARPA Wound Statis foam to apply pressure to the wound, slow the bleeding, and save your life. DARPA: Monopolizing both sides of the ro...

Sponge Filled Dildo Seals Gunshot Wounds In 15-Seconds

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Gunshot wound sealer, or ULTRA-EXTREME HEAVY DAY tampon? This is the XStat, a syringe filled with rapidly expanding sponges that, when injected into an open gunshot wound, can prevent bleeding and seal the wound in as little as 15-s...

This incredible medical breakthrough could save the lives of millions of preborn babies

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In 1991, a major medical breakthrough was discovered that could help to prevent death and disability in preborn children. Doctors were able to find that folate deficiency could lead to neural tube defects, like spina bifida, anencep...

A Simple New Invention Seals Gunshot Wounds in Seconds and Will Save Countless Soldiers

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Fact:  hemorrhage is a leading cause of death on a battlefield.  Another fact:  the highest percentage of survivable battlefield deaths from 2001-2009 came from major trauma hemorrhage.  This simple invention could change those fact...

Injectable Foam Expands Inside Wounds, Stopping Bleeding

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One thing I liked in Dredd (among numerous things) was the tire-repair-style gel he used to plug his wound (followed by a quick stapling of it via a medical-staple gun). Not a super novel idea. But neat. It's so un-novel,...


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