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Filled Negro Disagrees With The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Racist Judge Who Part-Times As A Security Guard In Mississippi Is A Greater Threat To The Education Of Black Children Than Is The Philadelphia City Council President. Filled Negro Has A List Of

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

FILLED NEGRO - A MATTER OF DISTORTED VALUES AND A WARPED SENSE OF PROPORTIONALITY Madison County MS Vs Philadelphia PA Madison County Philadelphia Population 95,203 1.5 Million Racial Demographics 60% White37% Black 41% White43% Bla...

Filled Negro Says He Has Not Lost Confidence In Philadelphia Police Chief Ramsey, Despite The Fact That His "Look Behind The Statistics" Mandate Dismisses Most Of The "New Jim Crow" Claims On The "Mass Incarceration Conspiracy". Filled Negro Says That Ra

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey Explains The Recent "Police Corruption Scandal" And Rejects The Claim That Black People In Philadelphia Are Arrested For Drug Possession By Demanding That We Look At The Accompanying Charges ...

In The Stabbing Of Philadelphia Council Member David Oh, As The Black Man Identified In A Photo Lineup Turns Himself In, FILLED NEGRO Asks: "Is An Asian Republican Any Less Committed To MASS INCARCERATION OF BLACK PEOPLE As His White Racist GOP Counterpar

On Black Complicity in the Mass Incarceration Machine

Ethnicity & Race / African American : New Black Man

'Law professor James Forman, Jr discusses the looming presence of policing and mass incarceration in a Black America starved of economic or social services in the decades after the Civil Rights struggle, and explains how Black polit...

In The Fraudulent "Black Value System" Of Filled Negro - He Needs You To Value The Life Of "Ota Benga (1883-1916) Over Bianca Nikol Roberson, A Black Girl Murdered This Week In Metro Philadelphia

Ethnicity & Race / African American : Within The Black Community

The ONLY Distinction In The Fraudulent Motivations For Filled Negro (and his sister) to educate you about the life of Ota Benga (1883-1916) but not Bianca Nikol Roberson (1999 - 2017) is that WHILE FILLED NEGRO IS CERTAIN that WHITE...


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