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Solar storms trigger surprising phenomena close to Earth

Academics / Astronomy : Physorg: Astronomy

Eruptions on the Sun's surface send clouds of electrically charged particles towards Earth, producing solar storms that—among other things—can trigger the beautiful Northern Lights over the Arctic regions.

Here comes the sun: solar storm heading for Earth, communications disruptions expected

Humor : Boing Boing

The largest solar storm in five years is heading toward us, and may disrupt some airline flights and communications systems over the next few days. The Guardian quotes a NASA official: "Solar storms have three ways they can disrupt ...

Largest Solar Storm Since 2005 to Hit Earth Tuesday

News : Scientific American: Observations

Last night the sun unleashed a flash of radiation called a solar flare, along with a generous belch of ionized matter that is now racing toward Earth at thousands of kilometers a second. The solar storm front from the ionized blast,...

Researchers use NASA and other data to look into the heart of a solar storm

Academics / General Science : Science Codex

A space weather storm from the sun engulfed our planet on Jan. 21, 2005. The event got its start on Jan. 20, when a cloud of solar material, a coronal mass ejection or CME, burst off the sun and headed toward Earth. When it arrived ...

Massive Solar Storm to Reach Earth Tomorrow, Massive Solar Flare Captured in HD [Video]

Humor : Geekosystem

A huge solar flare that has erupted from the Sun has unleashed a massive solar storm that is headed toward Earth, and predicted to reach us tomorrow morning around 7 AM EST. A storm as powerful as this one hasn't been seen in more t...


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