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NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That EPA Would Allow People With Other Views To Present Them

Science in Liberal World is like everything else in Liberal World: one view allowed, no dissension allowed, Wrongthink must be shut down E.P.A. to Give Dissenters a Voice on Climate,
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(Steven Hayward) Four years ago I reported here on the case of Alan Carlin, the 38-year career employee of the EPA who was being silenced because of his dissenting views on climate change. The EPA suppressed Carlin’s research into t...

EPA Chief: Sure, We Need Climate Indoctrination In Schools

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OK, she doesn’t quite say “indoctrination”, but that is what it amounts to, since the Warmists will not allow differing points of view to be taught (The Hill) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Gina McCarthy said students s...

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NYT Changes Headline to Call Trump EPA Pick a Climate ‘Denialist’

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Just what the climate debate needed, word games. After liberals complained on Twitter, The New York Times changed its headline to describe Trump’s EPA pick as a “climate change denialist” instead of a “climate change dissenter.”

Cult Of Climastrology Very Upset Over Bill That Would Require Teaching Other Views Of “Climate Change”

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For some reason, Warmists are very afraid over offering differing views of climate, allowing students to make up their own minds. I wonder why (National Journal) Senator Roger Wicker wants


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